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Careers in the Water Industry

  • Distribution Maintenance Supervisor

    Distribution Maintenance Supervisor
    As the Distribution Maintenance Supervisor at Padre Dam Municipal Water District in Santee, Calif., Derek Campbell oversees the drinking water infrastructure, including pump stations, pressure-reducing stations and reservoirs. He and his team ensure that the correct amount of water flows through every branch of the system. Watch the Video
  • Laboratory Analyst

    Laboratory Analyst
    As a Lab Analyst at Padre Dam Municipal Water District in Santee, Calif., Jessica Zamora-Bertasso runs chemical and biological tests on water samples daily to ensure that the water that comes out of customers' taps meets all state and federal standards. Watch the Video
  • Water Treatment Operator

    Water Treatment Operator
    As a Water Treatment Operator at the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (DWP) in Los Angeles, Ryan Quiroga helps operate, maintain and troubleshoot the facilities and equipment related to water quality. He says math and science are the foundation of his job. Watch the Video
  • Education Coordinator

    Education Coordinator
    As Education Coordinator for the West Basin Municipal Water District in Carson, Calif., Janel Ancayan works with students and teachers to explain the importance of water as a resource, how water is recycled and the safety mechanisms of water processing. Watch the Video
  • Water Resources Engineer

    Water Resources Engineer
    As a Water Resources Engineer at West Basin Municipal Water District in Carson, Calif., Camille Castillo works on the design, planning or the construction phase of capital improvement projects. Watch the Video
  • Water Policy and Resources Analyst

    Water Policy and Resources Analyst
    Jenyffer Vasquez is the Water Policy & Resources Analyst for West Basin Municipal Water District in Carson, Calif. In this role, she collaborates with different groups to advance the agency's water-use efficiency programs. Watch the Video
  • Operations Analyst

    Operations Analyst
    Jason Kung is an Operations Analyst for West Basin Municipal Water District in Carson, Calif. In a typical day, he might review plans or perform statistical and financial analyses of the performance of a reverse osmosis plant. Watch the Video