Media Watch

  • Troubled small water district's problems point to a larger problem in California
    California has around 3,000 community water systems. Of those, around 2,100 serve fewer than 500 homes. Some serve just as a handful of people. Almost 80&% of the citations state regulators issue each year go to these little districts. State officials estimate that 300 economically disadvantaged California communities are served by a water system that doesn’t meet standards for safe tap water. Sacramento Bee, Sept. 22
  • Study: Flint's contaminated water increased fetal death rates Study: Flint's contaminated water increased fetal death rates
    A University of Kansas study found that the lead-contaminated water in Flint, Mich. caused lower fertility rates and higher infant death rates. Professors David Slusky and Daniel Grossman examined Michigan birth and death certificates in Flint and other Michigan cities of similar size for several years before and after Flint's water became contaminated in April 2014. They found that fertility rates in Flint decreased by 12% and fetal death rates increased by 58%. UPI, Sept. 22

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