Water Industry Watch

  • Most California water agencies can ease up on conservation under new standards
    California may be in its fifth year of drought, but state water regulators have effectively turned back the clock to 2013. Staff members of the State Water Resources Control Board announced that 343 of the state’s 411 water districts reported having enough water to meet their customers’ demands -- even if the next three years are unusually dry. Los Angeles Times, Aug. 16
  • Michigan attorney general's Flint water probe tops $2 million in expenses
    Michigan's Attorney General spent more than $2 million in the first six months of his Flint water crisis investigation on a team of attorneys, investigators and support personnel that totaled 42 people in June. About $1.86 million of the expenses went to paying lawyers, retired police officers investigating the widespread contamination of Flint’s water, law clerks and an unnamed expert witness. Detroit News, Aug. 15
  • Denver Water's new rate structure spurs outrage, confusion
    Denver Water’s new rate structure — now inspiring outrage at the height of the summer lawn-watering season — had the effect of raising water bills by up to 35% for customers who use the least water. And while those customers were gasping in shock at their bills, another set — homeowners with vast lawns and swimming pools who use the most water — were seeing a sizable discount. Denver Post, Aug. 15