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Utility Service Lead (Field Service)

Walnut Valley Water District
  • Organization Type: Public Water/Wastewater Agency
  • Location: Walnut, California
  • Job Status: Full-time
  • Job ID: 90982
  • Organization Website
    Organization Type: Public Water/Wastewater Agency
  • Location: Walnut, California
  • Job Status: Full-time
  • Job ID: 90982
  • Organization Website

$39.73 – $54.77/HOUR
$6,887 – $9,493/MONTH
$82,641 – $113,921/YEAR

APPLY: https://www.governmentjobs.com/careers/wvwd

Under minimal supervision: to perform a variety of assignments in the installation, maintenance, and repair of the domestic and recycled water distribution systems, to participate in the inspection of new water system construction and/or replacement pertaining to transmission and distribution systems; provide coordination and work direction for field crew and training for less experienced crew and to perform other related work as required.

This is the advanced working level and lead position in the Utility Service Worker (Field Service) series. Incumbents perform the full range of maintenance, installation, repair assignments, and construction inspection with minimal supervision and training. They may also provide coordination, work direction and training for a less experienced staff.

Duties may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Provides work direction and training for a field maintenance, repair, and installation crew
  • Provides procedural training and assistance for less experienced staff
  • Repairs meter services such as gate valves, meter connections, angle stops, service pipes, and corporation stops
  • Assists in water distribution system construction, including, but not limited to, setting and resetting of meters and meter boxes, location of water valves, and setting new valve cans
  • Assist in coordinating the District’s valve maintenance program
  • Performs a variety of maintenance and repairs on water distribution systems and lines
  • Assists contractors and representatives of other utilities with the location of District main lines and service lines
  • Inspects the construction of new water system facilities or repairs performed by District contractors, or District personnel
  • Inspects the construction methods and materials to ensure compliance with plans and specifications
  • Conducts field tests of construction materials to insure proper quality
  • Observes, measures, and examines sub-grade materials, placement, compaction, trenching, excavating, shoring, bedding, and back-filling
  • Maintains a detailed electronic daily diary of inspections
  • Prepares periodic progress reports from accumulated data
  • Inspects water lines for alignment, grade, and leakage
  • Insures proper location of vaults, valves, services, hydrants and water lines, and signs for proper location and type. Confers with the project engineer on problems arising from inspections
  • Maintains records of types of materials, quantities, costs, and pertinent change orders dealing with contract work performed for the District
  • Insures proper installation and function of new facilities and insures that such facilities are consistent with existing water system and District standards
  • Performs liaison work between the District and contractors
  • Responds to customer complaints regarding low pressure, high pressure, and water quality
  • Cleans dead-end lines by discharging water until no apparent odor, taste, or color exists
  • Performs leakage tests to locate leaks in service lines
  • Manually excavates for leaks and makes the necessary repairs
  • Shuts services off, seals services, and/or removes meters as directed
  • Shuts down main lines in emergencies
  • Assists in general plant maintenance, including operations and appearance maintenance
  • Monitors progress or status of assigned tasks
  • Distributes customer notices


  • Operates District vehicles and equipment to travel between job sites.
  • Must be able to carry, push, pull, reach, and lift equipment and parts weighing up to 50 lbs.
  • Must be able to excavate using a shovel.
  • Stoops, kneels, crouches, crawls, and climbs during field maintenance and repair work.
  • Works in an environment with exposure to dust, dirt, mud, and significant temperature changes between cold and heat.
  • Occasionally walks on uneven terrain in an outdoor environment.
  • Communicates orally with District management, co-workers, contractors, and customers in face-to-face, one-on-one settings.
  • Uses a two-way radio for communication.
  • Stands and walks for extended time periods.
  • Must have hearing, vision, and eye-hand coordination sufficient to operate equipment and to maintain good awareness during maintenance, construction, and repair jobs.


  • Methods, materials, and equipment used in the installation, maintenance, and repair of water distribution systems.
  • Proper use of the tools, materials, and equipment used to accomplish assigned duties or projects.
  • Basic mathematics.
  • Principles of work direction, coordination, and training.
  • Proper work safety standards, including the safe operation of equipment (backhoe, dump truck, etc.)


  • Provide work direction, coordination, and training for other staff.
  • Identify and correct errors.
  • Perform skilled installation, servicing, and repair of water distribution systems.
  • Inspect construction projects and detect flaws in construction methods and materials.
  • Read and interpret designs, plans, and construction specifications.
  • Develop reports outlining problems with construction projects.
  • Effectively represent the District in contacts with the public, other government agencies, contractors, developers, and professional engineering consultants.
  • Communicate diplomatically and knowledgeably with District employees, contractors, and the general public.
  • Prepare and maintain accurate and complete records and reports.
  • Issue, receive, and comprehend oral and written communications.
  • Establish and maintain cooperative working relationships.
  • Safely operate a variety of motor vehicles and stationary mechanical equipment including backhoe, skid steer, dump trucks, and power-driven equipment used in water service work.
  • Perform heavy physical labor.

Any combination of education and experience, which would likely provide the necessary knowledge and abilities is qualifying.

A typical way to obtain the knowledge and abilities would be:

  • High school graduation or equivalent.
  • 5 years' experience in the construction, maintenance and repair of water distribution, storage and production facilities.
  • Continuing education in water works engineering, public works inspection and related subjects.


  • SWRCB Distribution Operator Grade D3 Certificate required.
  • SWRCB Treatment Operator Grade T1 Certificate required.


  • Ability to pass a pre-employment physical, including a pulmonary function test. .
  • Must pass periodic medical re-evaluations determining fitness for respirator use and be clean shaven when wearing a respirator.
  • Valid California Driver's License - Class "C".
  • Possession of a valid Class “A” Driver’s license is required by July 1, 2027.
  • Must maintain an acceptable driving record as determined by the District's insurance carrier. Reliable telephone in service at all times.
  • Reliable personal transportation at all times.
  • Must reside within a 30-minute response time to the District (under normal driving conditions) by the end of the probationary period.

The purveyance of water is a vital service to the community and as such requires the availability of District personnel at all times. Consequently, Field Service employees, including the Utility Service Lead (Field Service), will be required to respond to emergency calls, accept periodic overtime assignments, and perform any and all other duties deemed necessary by the District. Lacking a bona fide excuse satisfactory to the District, a failure to report when called could result in termination.

For the purposes of the Fair Labor Standards Act, the Utility Service Lead (Field Service) shall be considered a General Employee Unit, “non-exempt” position.

When applying, mention you saw this opening listed at WaterDistrictJobs.com.